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March 25 - April 12, 2009: Mosaica

New work by Aron Tager

(MOSAIC - Picture or pattern of small cubes of coloured stone, glass, etc - cemented together into a diversified whole.  Oxford Illustrated Dictionary)

Aron's new show consists of coloured paper cemented into a diversified collection of works that include Landscapes, Nudes and Mythical figures cavorting on a textured tactile acrylic surface.  Many of the pieces branch out of the surface into relief.

Click on images to get larger, higher resolution version
36" x 19"
New Birth
58” x 27”

Reclining Nude With Mirror
14" x 11"
Aron Holding What Can't be Held
22” x 13”
39" x 51"
Eden Sans Adam
15" x 21"

Exhibit open by chance & appointment and:
Wed - Fri 1 - 6pm
Sat & Sun 11am - 4pm

Opening Reception:
Thursday, March 26th
6 - 9pm