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    Liz Russ
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July 10 through August 29, 2004: 
"Summer Weekends at Gallery 888"

Celine Cimon, Paul Gilroy + Andrew Wang, Annette Hansen, Helmut Azam Khan, Elizabeth Russ and Darlene St. Georges

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Darlene St. Georges 
Encaustic and plaster on canvas
15" x 15" x 6"
Lintel I
Elizabeth Russ
Acrylic on canvas
In The Garden
Annette Hansen 
Concrete, Copper and Clay 
24" x 30"
Helmut Azam Khan
Orange peel
Celine Cimon
Acrylic  on canvas 
20" x 20"
Paul Gilroy + Andrew Wang
Oil on canvas
Paul Gilroy
Acrylic  on canvas
24" x 24" 

Exhibition Open Weekends Only
All Saturdays and Sundays. 
From July 10 through August 29, inclusive.
11am - 4pm
Other days/hours by appointment only.
Opening Reception:
Saturday, July 10
1 - 4pm