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march 24 -  april 4, 2004: "still"

paintings by anne-marie olczak

With her second show “still”, Anne-Marie Olczak explores moments of human interaction through the simplicity of common objects. .  Earlier drawings explored these moments of secrets and the comfort of a cup of tea.  More recent works are moving beyond those moments and looking at the settings of the moment themselves.  Details are stripped from the images.  It is the simple shapes of the vessels that is important.  With an emphasis on shape and colour and the removal of elements of detail and design, the objects become almost silhouette: the vessels suggest the event or moment past, captured only in form.

About the Artist

Anne-Marie Olczak has been a working artist in Toronto for over 10 years.  She works comfortably in a broad array of media, including photography, papier maché, acrylics, pencil, and textiles.  Through each medium, all of Anne-Marie’s works share a common theme of a search for solace, comfort, calmness and safety in the midst of modern life.

 A graduate of University of Toronto’s Fine Art program and Humber College Photography, Anne-Marie’s work has until now been enjoyed by only a small group of devoted fans.  Her first public show, “Comfort Zone” took place in December of 2002 in her home gallery in east-end Toronto.

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june wedding: 
the end of the banquet
30" x 12"
summer cosmos
12" x 12"
primary grouping
12" x 12"
vessels simplified
12" x 12"
start of the evening
30" x 12"
salt and pepper
12" x 12"

Exhibition Open:
Wed, Thur, Fri 1 - 6pm
Sat + Sun 11am - 4pm
Opening Reception:
Thursday, March 25
6 - 9pm