October 16 - 28: Ron & Jane Eccles
                            "...at Gallery 888"

Exhibition open: 2 to 6:30 p.m., Tuesday - Friday, 
                           11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday

Opening: Saturday, October 20, 1 - 4 p.m.
                Artist's present

Artist's Statements:
My painting has been a process of layering and it is dependent on synchronicities. Words, people, landscapes and the media overlap until something makes an image " right to paint". The process helps to clarify a world that bombards you with information and media glut. Patterns occur in the selection. I make reference to other female painters with a series of duality images and place females in traditional Canadian landscape with a hope of reclaiming the territory. I have embraced dark, cold, navy lakes and dance for the metaphorical power that they hold in sorting out concepts of life and death. And finally I paint repetitions found in nature with the hope that I will have creative continuance.

Jane Eccles  July 2001

Art occurs for me after I have worked on something for a very long period of time. It evolves from the materials I use both traditional and experimental. My sensibilities however, depend on the things that I love. Simplicity. Order. Complexity. Structure. Maps. Breeze. Clean water. Stone. Sand. Measurement. Freedom of thought. Film. Music. Every day I retreat to my studio and through the working, surface and image and object materialize.
I want these images to be beyond time and place and to make reference to concepts of space and to have broad geographical references. I want to make beautiful things.

Ron Eccles  July  2001

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Ron Eccles: Collage 2
23.5 cm x 34 cm., 2001

Jane Eccles: Gemini II                                      Jane Eccles: Heron.                       Jane Eccles: Snow Angels.
acrylic on canvas                                              acrylic on canvas                               acrylic on canvas
81.5 cm x 81.5 cm., 2001                               71 cm. x 81.2 cm., 2001                      66.5 cm. x 66.5 cm.,  2001

Ron Eccles: Sandalwood            Ron Eccles: Collage I                  Ron Eccles: Sentinel
 mixed media                                 paper                                     mixed media
      83 cm x 83 cm., 2000          33 cm x 11 cm., paper 2001       66.5 cm. x 66.5 cm., 1996

Jane Eccles: Woman at Lake
acrylic on canvas
71 cm. x 76 cm.   1999